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- an intimate delight  

2.6.2021 (Baroque City Hall) Udo Klebes was soon clear, however, in which quality class a widely spread and often interpreted work was offered here.... The special richness of color as well as the more intimate character of the string instrument unfolded in a compelling way this evening. 

...Mitterrutzner's voice unites the fine, cultivated sound of a tenor often trained on Mozart with the textual shaping ability of a character interpreter. He forms piani in numerous shades of the clearest roundness and with a load-bearing body, ties them into the melodic progressions for all kinds of feelings between hope and despair, between longing and unfulfilled love, and contrasts them immediately with vehement outbursts in which both the power and the volume of the voice sometimes break through somewhat at the expense of the classical line. Martin Wesely supports him on his wanderings, ... making full use of the sound of the old guitar, which is especially rich in overtones, with an access that makes one listen and yet also allows the singer to savor many details in emphasis and rhythm. Both meet each other at eye level, grant each other time for a natural breath without irritating idiosyncrasy, but still some unusual shaping of the colors, ... On the whole a creation of domestic intimacy and chamber music format in first-class, if not new standards setting soloistic quality.

Manfred Honeck, María Dueñas and two Tyroleans impressed at the Wolfegg Festival.

VN Vorarlberger  News 27.6.2022

WOLFEGG After an unusual year and a year with severe cuts, the Wolfegger concerts were now allowed to take place in the usual format. Manfred Honeck, internationally active conductor from Vorarlberg and artistic director since 1994, has put together an exquisite programme. Schubert's song cycle "Die Schöne Müllerin" with tenor Martin Mitterrutzner and guitarist Martin Wesely, both from Tyrol, confronted us with unusual musical accompaniment. Mitterrutzner's interpretation was so intense, his voice so supple, so soft and powerful, that the listener felt every emotion.

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